Take a look at our references.

As individual as each construction project, so different are the requirements for customized solutions and joining technique. For a variety of completed projects we have compiled a range of different applications of our fittings. Our project references clearly demonstrate the challenges we had to solve, together with our customers, and how we’ve handled this.

Let yourself be inspired.

Customized solution

Dimension: d 560 / 450 mm, SDR17
Project in Schwerin, Germany

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customized solution, d 420 mm

Customized solution d 420 mm

Seamless bend and E-couplers
Dimension: d 420 mm, SDR 17
Project in Prague

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special flanges

Special flanges

Dimension: d 560 / DN 500
Project in Werder / Germany

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Project reference E-coupler d 1200 SDR17


Dimension: d 1200 mm, SDR 17
Project in Czechia

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E-special flange

Dimension: da 900/ DN 800
Project in Salzgitter / Germany

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Spigot Fittings d 560 mm

Tee, reduced d 560 / 450 mm
Special flange d 560 / DN 500
Seamless bend 90° d 560 mm, 90°

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Customized solution d 1100 mm

Dimension: d 1100 mm, SDR 26
Project in Zurich / Switzerland (in cooperation with Gawaplast)

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Spigot Fittings d 450 mm

Pressure class conform prefabrication d 450 mm , SDR 17
Special flanges d 450 / DN 400, SDR 17
E-couplers d 450 mm, SDR 17

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